Rural livelihoods & entrepreneurship development

UDYAMA is implementing Science led Livelihoods in collaboration with ICRISAT & Government of Odisha for last  nature based solution to  farmers, women as well as providing with on-farm demonstrations and advanced technology and information trainings, demonstration, soil analysis, soil health cards  towards  more productivity with less inputs to support doubling farmers income and demonstrating to fill gap of nutrition availability  food.  This analysis has provided better information on  natural food fortification &  minimize health hazards with  better  integration into farm practices long-term data about the impacts on crop and soil health. ,,
Climate variability contributes significantly to poverty and food insecurity. Proactive approaches to managing climate variability within vulnerable rural communities and among institutions operating at community, sub-national, and national levels is a crucial step towards achieving the SDGs l of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger & Well being Improvement.
ProPoor: South Asia Development News

The South Asia Rural Livelihoods Cluster includes World Bank project teams and implementing teams in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka who are implementing multi-sector programs targeted to the poor. Livelihoods projects focus on building institutions of the poor, empowering them, building their capacity, and aggregating them so they have the bargaining power to negotiate for better consumer prices, and better prices for their goods, and to access financial resources.