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UDYAMA” (www.udyama.org) refers to keeping on steady walk for “what next” despite being un-successful till to reach the root causes of poverty, hazards and vulnerabilities in rural, coastal and urban setting. Founded in 1997, UDYAMA primarily aims towards strengthening and building capacities of local communities with a view to enhancing adaptation to vulnerability and changing the culture of dependency to a culture of self-reliance through a network based initiatives keeping in view local empowerment and regional development priorities. 

MISSION - UDYAMA facilitates to make more preparedness towards security, safety nets & Responsive to Social development & change management as Show How community resilience towards climate justice thru protection, preservation and conservation of biological diversity as right to development towards environment sustainability  and resilient development.

UDYAMA attempts consistently to stem the rot and build back the societal networks that can rejuvenate the resource base. Searching alternative means to live with dignity and take the
Next Development Challenges  and inclusive development involving women and children for a lasting solution and adaptation to disaster resilient development and variability through a process of learning-linking-livelihoods and Gearing greening thru evidence based initiatives and Institution building and environmental sustainability. 

Natural resources - Land, water and forests play a critical role in supporting the livelihood system of millions of rural households. However, the distressing fact is that the state witnesses degenerated natural resource wealth. Unsustainable utilization of natural resources has been one of the important causes of environment pollution and ravaged ecology which results in frequent disasters contributing to the process of further marginalization and improvement of poor and marginalized sections. Udyama has emerged as a support organization to facilitate a conducive environment and enhancing capacity of local communities and their organizations in combating risks and rebuilding the fragile natural resource base as well as depleting livelihood options.

Over years, we have embraced issues relating to other social issues like education and health, which has a significant influence on the livelihood of the poor. Poverty deprives the poor to have access to basic education and health. Udyama have been trying to facilitate changes directed towards improving the implementation of education and health based programmes. We have been focusing our attention on strengthening the economic capability of the poor and non-affordable sections to be able to democratically exercise rights to basic education and health.        

Udyama has its main office at Nayagarh, Orissa and liasioning office in Bhubaneswar and field office in Titlagarh, Orissa. The organisation is staffed with a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive field experiences.  Click here to view the area of coverage.

Program Focus Areas for UDYAMA:

  • Food, Water, Environment and livelihoods as right to protection and promotion
  • Youth, Women, Child Health Education, Sanitation , Hygiene & Nutrition as right to development.
  • Risk and Vulnerability reduction and climate governance & justice in mitigating Drought, Disaster and Combating Desertification as right to Participation


Since inception the UDYAMA has made a small walk towards the implementation of  diversity of action Programs that has reflected in ground.  Creation of enabling Environment for community action, improving the capacity of participating community for drought mitigation thru regulated water management, forest preservation protection and utilization is the prime activity of UDYAMA. 

The following are the actions and reflections narrated:

  • Strengthening people's organization
  • Facilitating youth association
  • Capacity building of micro-institutions
  • Forest protection and conservation
  • Distress migration and distress sale
  • Environmental awareness campaign
  • Construction of cross bund
  • Drought mitigation programme & Water user society
  • Renovation of community tank
  • Non-Formal Education
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Techno managerial support to NGOs on livelihood options, watershed management, sustainable agriculture
  • Consultancy on watershed conservation and rehabilitation
  • Appraisal, Monitoring , Evaluation and feasibility study of development projects

Actions and reflections at UDYAMA are grouped under the following broad thematic areas:

  • Citizen action and advocacy for climate justice & End Water Poverty Campaign and right based approach
  • Behavioral Change for accelerating governance & undertaking responsibility and accountability Rural and urban livelihoods (entrepreneurship development)
  • Capacity building for Change Management 
  • Youth, Women and child development focusing Health, sanitation and education
  • Techno managerial support to NGOs on livelihood and development diversification and Waste recycle, reuse, and management 
  • Deepening Governance & Mainstreaming
  • Effective networking and partnering with CSOs and resource institution for mitigating hazards all forms and DRR with reference to enhancing community adaptation and resilience.
  • Techno-managerial support to PRIs, Government, NGOs CSOs, INGOs corporate, institutes on feasibility study, EIA, post evaluation
Committed faculties at UDYAMA are exposed to community development and capacity enhancement with national and international development and management training backdrop. This is the institution with multifarious skill base having varied expert team members. The organization is staffed with a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds including disaster mitigation, Gender, Health and Hygiene, WATSON, livelihoods management, rural development and disaster planning, environmental resource management. The organization has well-equipped base-offices in Titlagada (Hottest Place in India) for KBK, Nayagarh and coordination office Bhubaneswar the state capital of Orissa.  All three offices are capable of catering training and exposure programs on specific themes, with modest amenities and contributing healthy learning environment. The offices have basic infrastructure for training, including computers, printers and other audio visual aids. UDYAMA has established good rapport with institutions and individuals, government corridor within and outside the state to make resource pool and organize capacity building programs, studies and program monitoring on demand.
UDYAMA has tremendous ability to organize and work in diverse geographical and cultural scenarios even in critical and conflict areas, abilities to provide innovative strategies at the policy level and also swiftly form camaraderie with the community are assets that UDYAMA nurtures .Now UDYAMA has a different space not only facilitating organization of CSOs  in development corridors but an enabling one too. UDYAMA is representing one of the lead member-organizations  in Orissa State Disaster Management Authority , Our relentless work has brought us more pride to become one of the participating partner organizations of Global Network of Civil Societies for Disaster Risk Reduction, SPHERE-India, Ending Global Poverty ,Water, Sanitation and Climate Change, Campaign for MDGs, UN-Climate CAUCUS,NGO Gateway ,ProVentionWeb ,Development from Disasters Network - Signatories, and one of the enlisting members of UN ECOSOC, Corporate Disaster Resource Network(CDRN),National Alliance for Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction(NAADRR)
UDYAMA envisages to contributing and providing solutions to the development organizations/practitioners within Orissa and beyond towards accelerating Responsiveness to Social development and change management, environmental richness and safety as right based approach. UDYAMA has proven track record towards development initiatives particularly resource conservation and mobilization working with  networks and various stakeholders This overall approach is aimed at empowering the vulnerable communities to participate, negotiate, change, and hold accountable the institutions that affect their well-being and improved capabilities in the long run. With its steady walk UDYAMA is responsive to commitment furthermore to:
  • Link to the broader view of poverty and poverty alleviation that goes beyond just income poverty to include empowerment, capability enhancement for adaptation to vulnerability and risk reduction etc.
  • Highlights the crucial role of ‘context’ (especially vulnerability context) – and how this influences the asset base, the selection of livelihood strategies, and the outcomes for households.
  • Gives space to local perspectives - categorize the strategies that make up their livelihoods. Build on what exists - a multidimensional, integrated perspective that unites the concepts of economic development, reduced vulnerability and environmental sustainability.
  • Networking and alliance building efforts: UDYAMA’s main strength lies in alliance building and facilitating collective actions. Collective efforts emerge as an important prerequisite to address the complex web of poverty, livelihood resilience migration
  • In KBK and western Orissa- Community Based Risk Reduction and Livelihood promotion :Western Orissa Voluntary Associations Comprising 45 CBos and NGOs from Kalahandi, Nuapada, Bolangir, Baragada and Sonepur districts
  • In coastal Orissa- Risk reduction and Livelihood promotion of marine Fisher Folks in Orissa coast thru ICT Kiosks, a net work initiative fishing communities, Cbos and NGOs covering Berhampur to Balasore comprising 38 fisher folk CBOs, NGOs and Communities
  • In Northern Orissa with Gonasika Bikash Manch covering Mayurbhanja, Keonjhar, Deogada, Sundargada and Jharsuguda comprising 49 CBOs and NGOs
  • In Urban Orissa– Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in livelihoods- A Net work based Risk & vulnerability reduction in association with Network of people living with HIV/AIDS (SNPP,ONPP,KNP+)

Brief Profile of UDYAMA

Name of the Organization - UDYAMA (www.udyama.org)

Legal Status :
Registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI of
1860 (Registration No.746/44 - 1997-98, dated 7th

Whether registered in Ministry of Home Affairs under FCR Act :
Registered under FCR Act (No-105180003, dated 18.05.2001)

Address of Organization :
•    Registered Office: C/o Sri Krushna Chandra Mohapatra Gandhi Marg, Near Park,–Nayagarh-752069,Orissa, India
•    Western Orissa Project Office :High School Pada,Pattanaik Niwas, Titlagada-767033,Bolangir, Orissa, India
•    Central Coordination Office:Plot No- HIG-140, K-6/ Kalinga Vihar,Patrapadapost-,Bhubaneswar7510019- , Orissa,India
•    KBK project Office: C/o Sri Panchu Parida,( Retd Head Master ,Paadahandi, Nabarangpur, Odisha.
Name of the Banker :
State Bank of India
ADB- Code-3944,Nayagarh Branch,Nayagarh-,Orissa,
Pin 752069, Orissa, India
State Bank of India,Titlagada-767033, Bolangir, Orissa
UTI , Bank, Satyanagar Branch, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
Indian Overseas Bank, IRC village Nayapalli Bhubaneswar.

Tax  exemption registration :
Registered under 12AA  no-
80G under tax exemption act no-
TAN - BBNU00532A

Responsible contact person and Designation : Pradeep Mohapatra, Secretary

Communication contact :
Phone :0674-2475656; Cell :91+9437110892
[email protected]