Response to Cyclone Fani

Reconstruction work for Cyclone Fani

Donate to the Cyclone Fani Fundraiser at Udyama

Udyama is an award-winning NGO located in Odisha, India. Or mission is linking people together to work on rights-based approach for collective actions towards reducing disaster risk (Natural, Climate, and Manmade) and achieving livelihood, social justice, and gender rights, equitable and sustainable development.

We aim to contribute to the empowerment process aimed towards social change  ensuring improved quality of life through  Risk reduction and livelihood promotion interventions for lasting development

Udyama is an enabling and Development Organization facilitating small efforts of the communities with a big dream towards a resilient society.

Reconstruction in the wake of the havoc wreaked by cyclone Fani is by far the biggest challenge chief minister, Naveen Patnaik has faced since he took up the reins of the state in 2000.   

Please help the victims of cyclone FANI. We need to mobilize funds for the rehabilitation of both civil societies as well as for short term help.

There are huge damages in 15 districts. Major losses are housing, standing crop (Green Gram, Black Gram, Coconut, betel vine,  net boats, Cashew, Casurina, other trees, and animal husbandry, There has a great problem in connectivity, everything has stopped,  no mobile, no internet, very limited access, can you please do facilitate to arrange following on an immediate basis.