Forest conservation and Water Resource development and management

Forest conservation

Forest conservation programme is geared toward halting deforestation around the world, from rainforests to temperate forests. Tough assignment? With your help, we can make it happen. / 

Water Moves: Water governance newsletter from Society for Promotion of Wasteland Development 

India Corruption Study 2007: The TII-CMS study included a section on corruption in http://governance.developmentgateway.orgater services 

Workshop on Talaparige: Traditional Water Structures of Karnataka 

Water Technology Initiative of the Department of Science and Technology 

The National Action Plan on Climate Change released 

GIS-based Village Information System from Peoples' Science Institute 

Dr. G.D. Agarwal stops fast after assurances from the government 

Mr. Chetan Pandit of the National Water Academy responds to our earlier post on Environmental Flows 

The Annual Forum of the Solution Exchange Water Community 

The debate on underestimation of water resources availability continues 
Re: Climate change: challenges and experiences - Google Groups


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